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Disposable Bag Fee
Disposable Bag Fee
After years of research, dialogue and weighing the pros/cons, the Town Council is strongly considering a Disposable Bag Fee for all retail businesses. Are you supportive?
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Disposable Bag Fee

Adopted in 2011, the SustainableBreck Plan is a community-driven effort to further the goals of the Breckenridge Vision through developing recommendations for environmental, economic and social sustainability. Key 2013 initiatives include reduction of disposable (single use) bags, the SustainableBreck Business Certification Program and community solar gardens.

As a result of three years of research and dialogue on the disposable bag issue, the Breckenridge Town Council will be debating the establishment of a Disposable Bag Fee at the Town Council work session this Tuesday, March 26; work session starts at 3:00 p.m. As proposed, all retail stores would be required to charge a ten cent fee for each paper or plastic disposable bag issued to customers. Customers using reusable bags would exempt from the fee. All revenues generated from the fee would be used for public education and outreach regarding disposable bags, for the purchase and distribution of reusable bags in partnership with local businesses, and for administration of the fee program.

• Dissuades the use of disposable bags (fees in other communities have resulted in significant reductions in bag use)
• Expected reduction in use of disposable bags as a result of the fee will help reduce various environmental impacts associated with the use of plastic and paper disposable bags (e.g., litter, disposal in landfills, harm to wildlife, energy consumption in production)
• Still provides consumers with a choice of bag options
• Gives consumers choice of paying for impacts of bags or using reusable bags

• Will not necessarily result in elimination of use of disposable bags
• Possible opposition from some residents and tourists because of additional fee imposed
• Fees create new administrative requirements for businesses to collect and track

Copies of the ordinance and the staff memo, which provides more details on the proposal, can be found at http://www.townofbreckenridge.com, under “Events & Meetings” clicking on the Town Council March 26 Work Session, and then clicking on “Disposable Bag Fee Ordinance”.

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