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New North Main Street Park
New North Main Street Park
What is your vision for the new park on North Main Street?
Help spread the word. Encourage others to participate!
New North Main Street Park

The Town of Breckenridge recently acquired a parcel of property on north Main Street for the purpose of developing a new Town park. The property is located between The Local’s Market and Alpine Bank. The parcel is mostly flat, but does have an 8-10 foot rise along the eastern side of the property leading up to the Edwin Carter Museum. We want your input and feedback on what this new park could be - PASSIVE: casual, relaxing, picnic/sitting area; OR ACTIVE: bocce ball, bouldering walls, short rails for jibbing, children's playground, or what's your idea? Please check out the links on a variety of potential park amenities, and give us your thoughts.
OPEN HOUSE: the Town is hosting an open house on Wednesday, August 14 at the Breckenridge Rec Center from 3 - 6 p.m. as an opportunity for you to learn more and provide feedback.

More Info:
Bocce ball
Bouldering wall or individual boulders
Slackline area
Terrain Park Features / Railroad theme
Musical Play Garden
Splash Pad
Chess tables
Small pavilion for performances
Kinetic art
Children’s Playground
THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED If you have any questions, please Email us.

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