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Water System Study
Water System Study
Water is critical to our community's future. Please provide feedback on the Water System/Second Water Plant Study.
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Over the past ten years, water has been at the forefront of the Town Council’s discussions regarding Breckenridge’s future. Noting that water is essential to the community’s economy, natural environment and quality of life, the Council placed water-related issues on their Goals & Objectives and recently completed a comprehensive study on the Town’s water system, which strongly recommends the addition of a second water plant.

“Rapidly increasing demands, especially in the West, are placing an immense strain on this limited resource, and it is our duty to address this critical issue for our community,” stated Mayor John Warner. “This Council is committed to preserving the Town’s precious water rights as well as planning for the future by moving forward with a second water plant.”

While the Town has made strides in conserving water and management efficiency, the current water plant (which was constructed beginning in 1972) is nearing 80% capacity. As build out of the community progresses, the plant will not be able to add customers outside the current service area, which is comprised of private wells that have a high likelihood of failure.

In the event of a wildfire or another environmental catastrophe or a mechanical malfunction of the current plant, a second water plant would provide a critical back-up system.

Another key finding of the study noted that the current Breckenridge system supplies high quality drinking water at a low cost to customers in comparison to other communities in Colorado. The funding currently is derived from user fees, tap fees and water system maintenance fees. The new plant will require increases in the user fees which will be shared by both current users and future customers.

The Breckenridge Town Council will be meeting with other entities affected as well as the public in the next sixty days to gather input and to discuss the second plant.

The Breckenridge Water System Study is available on-line at www.townofbreckenridge.com, and Council urges the public to review it and provide input by March 18.

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Breckenridge releases water system study
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